Monday, June 21, 2004

More hits

Sorry guys (and gals) it's been a busy weekend and I just haven't had a ton of time, but here's some thoughts about a few other funny books:

Seaguy #2 $2.95

What if you'd never read a comic book in your life, and one day you're standing in at the bookstore and just decided to pick up an issue od Spider-Man? Well, this isn't Spider-Man, but this is how you'd feel in that scenario. Actually, this book is better written than Spidey because it attempts to bring something new to the shelf and not just shine up old plot ideas and make 'em look new. Morrison continues to amaze with this book, it's so offbeat and whimsical you can't help but feel instantly attached to the characters. It's ashame that the book will be as short as it is because Seaguy's world is one I'd love to see explored on a monthly basis. There's so much room for this book to grow, but perhaps that's part of its charm, the fact that instead of showing you everything, Morrison is content to tell his story and leave you wanting more.

Tales of the TMNT #3 $2.99

Somewhat of a disappointment after the last issue. The characters seem a bit over the top, IMO, and I'm not familiar with a ton of the Turtle history, so the plot is a bit lost on me, plus there's another (much better) Turtle book that came out this week, which makes this one less appealing.

TMNT #16 $2.99

The Fab Four continue their seperate storylines with great success. This continues to be one of the best reads on the stands, and well worth the admission cost.

World's Best Comics Silver Age Archive Sampler $.99

Some great Silver Age stories reprinted for chump change, well worth your money.

Smax #1 $2.95

Yeah, this is one well past it's first release, but I came across if for a quarter and thought I'd give it a look. I'm glad I did. I was gonna pick up the rest of the issue, but according to ADD there will be a hardcover coming out soon, and I'm definitely gonna pick it up. Great stuff.


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