Monday, June 07, 2004

See, told ya'!

The A-Team: Season One

Was it corny? Yup. No matter, this still remains a beloved show with an avid following, I just wish it had some decent bonus material, but just having the episodes will be great.

Along Came Polly

Want to see a good Ben Stiller flik? Well this ain't it!

The Dead Zone: The Complete Second Season

A show that's better than the movie it was based...oh, wait, it was a book too wasn't it. King's classic has been given new life with this series, much like the man starring in it. Good stuff, for the most part

Field Of Dreams

A movie about baseball that turns out NOT to be a movie about baseball. When Costner was at his finest, this is truly a great film.

Just Shoot Me: Seasons 1 And 2

There are so many "classic" shows that have been ignored in the TVDVD craze, instead we get this.

M*A*S*H: Season Six Collector's Edition

How many seasons did this show have? Geez. Remains a fave among many, many people, so someone out there will enjoy it.

Quantum Leap: The Complete First Season

THE BEST SHOW EVER ON TV. Got it? Now go friggin buy it. Do it. Now.

Reality Bites (10th Anniversary Edition)

Now this is a good Ben Stiller movie! Worth at least a rent.

Robocop Trilogy

Outside of the first film being a great B-Movie and Frank Miller being involved in the sequel, there's absolutely no reason to buy this. None.

Tour Of Duty: The Complete First Season

Another war show. From what I remember it wasn't half bad.

Who's The Boss?: The Complete First Season

The Good? Alyssa Milano gets introduced to the world. The Bad? Eventually we get Charmed. The Ugly? Tony Danza's career when the show ended!


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