Wednesday, November 09, 2005

DVD Quickies 11/09/05

The Adventures of Superman-The Complete First Season

The fact that this set even has special features amazes me. The Kellogg's commercials are a hoot and the short film is neat, especially if you like westerns. The commentraks are a little boring, mostly repeating the same info, but it's hard not to get as excited as the commentators when they do get into the episodes. Fortunately there are only a handful of them. As for the episodes, well, they're wonderful. This puts the previously viewed Lois & Clark to shame. Like one of the traks says, these are filmed like mini-movies. Full of action, drama, suspense and humour. I can't believe Jack Larson is still alive, AND he's gonna be in Superman Returns. How cool is that? Excellent, excellent series, can't wait to get the rest of 'em!


Despite a glaring historical innacuracy, a pretty good series. Took me a few episodes to get into it, and I was disappointed in the season ender, but all-in-all I enjoyed it. Ian McShane brings a lot to Al Swearengen, making him both villianous and likable at the same time. He reminds me of Destro from GI Joe (seriously) in that he might be the greatest criminal around, but he's surrounded himself with the least intelligent beings on the planet, ensuring he never really succeeds. I can't see buying this ($75? Not for so few episodes, no way), but I'll happily Netflix any other season releases, and since my girlfriend has HBO, maybe I'll be able to catch the new ones.

Without a Trace

Borrowed from a friend and addictively watched over a few days. Who knew Bruckheimer could produce something so great. The concept never got old over the 20 some odd episodes, and the acting is excellent. LaPaglia at his best probably. The guest stars they manage to bring on are scene stealers, and the second Charles S Dutton episode damn near brought me to tears. Recommended renting, or if you've got a spare $15 and are a Sams Club member, go buy it, it's a steal at that price.


I went into this move expecting it to be goofy, and it was. But, it's the kind of movie you just have to love because of its goofiness. A group on teen prep school girls are recruited to be some of the nations top spies. The team leader and the world's greatest criminal become entangled in a lesbian romance that sends their worlds spiraling into eachother. So out there it's brilliant. If you see it, give it a shot.

The Longest Yard

Simply put, it just doesn't work. It's not bad, but it's nowhere near good. It lacks anything in the way of iconic imagery you find in most sports films and the actors aren't used to any of their potential. In fact they're played so dumb that it may have made me dumber just watching the. The script could have used some massive rewrites and it felt extremely rushed, like it was filmed in about three days. Unless you're just aching to be bored, avoid it.

Dear Frankie

For years Lizzie has encoraged her deaf son to write to his unknown father, after which she retrieves the letters and writes back in the guise of his dad. When a classmate challenges the existence of Frankies pop, Frankie bets his stamp collection on the fact that his dad will come see him Lizzie must scramble to come up with a father for the boy to finally meet. Bittersweet, heartwarming and very emotional. One of the most honest films I've seen all year. Taking such a mixed-up premise and unwinding it both through they eyes of mother and son lets you experience it from both sides of the story. The performances are astounding, especially from Jake McElhone and Gerard Butler. Definite buy when I find it on sale.

The Gilmore Girls-The Complete First Season

Just watched the first disc because the Prisoner disc Netflix sent me was friggin broken. So, now I have to wait to start watching it until they can get me a replacement disc. This show is addicting though. Mainly because of the uber-hot Lauren Graham, but the occasionally witty dialogue is infectious at times. I'll hopefully finish this off by the time I get that replacement disc.


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