Sunday, November 06, 2005

What Was That About His Passing Game?

So, it wasn't perfect, and truth be told we gave Miami every chance they needed to win, but Atlanta is now well on its way to back-to-back winning seasons for the first time ever.

If you look at the stats for the game we dominated Miami and you wouldn't think the game was as close as it was. But, if you watched it you know a few botched offensive plays are what gave Miami what they did get. We can thank our defense for the win.

Vick looked really good, especially with the hits he was taking. Miami has always struck me as a dirty defensive team, and today just solidified that. No wonder they're the most penalized team in the NFL. If I was Marino i'd be ashamed to show my face in the same stadium as that team. I really wanted a call on the guy that picked Dunn up by his jersey and then slammed him back down to the ground...well after the whistle I should add. Talk about unsportsman like...

Still, we won, and that's what matters. We've got two big obstacles in the division though, Tampa and Carolina, who really showed their stuff today. Too bad I couldn't watch both games.

How about that Tomlinson guy? 4 TDs, that's just awesome.

And how bout them Bengals?!?! Who'd have thought they'd be 7-2 halfway through the season? Not me, that's for damn sure.

Looks like the Vikings should have lost old Daunte about eight games ago...

You just gotta love the Giants right now. Eli is looking up considerably from last year.

And the Pack starting the season 1-7? It's like we're in the Twilight Zone this year.

I managed to miss what loud mouth Owens said about his team, but I could care less. The way they're playing this year and the fact that they even signed the guy just means they deserve it. Way to fuck up a good team Andy!

The fact that the Pats are playing less than stellar ball this year makes me think it's Peyton's time to shine, if nothing else I hope they light up that scoreboard tomorrow night. AND block a few kicks while they're at it. The Colts deserve it. I just hope Atlanta doesn't wind up going against them in the big one this year.

Anyone catch the Simpsons? You know, they could've changed that World Series joke, since the damn thing ended before it could really get going. Even the Halloween specials don't feel fresh anymore....

Oh well, at least we get an hour long Arrested tomorrow night. Watch or I'll come to your house and kill you.



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