Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wednesday Links, On Thursday No Less

Yeah, I didn't get to these yesterday, apologies.

New Loose Staples is up. Thanks to the always wonderful Chris Hunter for some quick last minute edits. Some unforseen incidents happened to have to change the column. So, if it reads like it was put together all to quickly, that's my fault. I'll talk more about that later.

Look, everyone's favorite remake, Battlestar Galactica got renewed for Season 3. Funny story, I used to know a kid named Adama. Okay, it's not that funny.

Thomas Jane will be in a mutant movie. I bring this up only to say this: Remember that time he was on Arrested Development? It rocked. That show rocked. Letter to Fox and everyone else who didn't watch it: You suck.

Will Arnett has a movie coming. Sweet.

You asked, Warner answered: Teen Titans Season 1, The Batman Season 1, Batman Beyond Season 1, JLU Season Whatever.

Also, Star Trek Animated Series and Scooby/Dynomutt news.

Confidential to Alan Daffin: Dune-The Extended Cut. You gotta scroll down a little bit. It'll be out in January.

Good buddy Patch is selling some comics dirt cheap. I bought some, Brian Wood bought some, you should too!
One man's thoughts about one of the funniest films ever made.

Richard Donner directed the Bananna Splits. Wow.

Shooting off your shaft in a cave.

Laura's got Aquaman news at her unofficial site.

Sony hates you. This is insane. The fact that the uninstaller is worse is even crazier.

Today is The Great American Smoke Out. I'm all for everyone quitting smoking, and I do appreciate the fact that I can breathe easy in public places, but! I'm in the small minority against bans in privately owned businesses, like restaurants and bars and such. Smoking is not illegal, whether it should be or not is beside the point, and if I want to allow adults to do this very legal thing in my establishment is my business. Not the governments. Anyone can choose not to frequent my establishment. So, yeah, I'm against smoking bans.

All-Star Superman, in eight words. I'll find out tomorrow I suppose.

The Brownies. Interesting name for an awards group. I might actually get around to voting.

James Meely has a good idea. Hulk/Godzilla is definitely a missed opportunity, especially since Marvel once had the Godzilla license. So, email Dark Horse and Marvel and tell them to make it possible! Also, Hulk/Kong would be kick ass.

The Daiy Burn is no more! In its place, Superheroes, etc. Man that's a great name.

The Saliva Syndrome.

Feel like Lying in the Gutters?

Hey, look, no subtext.

I must have this.

What Roger Green watches.

All Star Superman works on women. Patch is my hero.

An interview with the people behind one of the best damn comics I've read in a while.

A look at some Kurisawa films.

RIP-Eddie Guerrero.


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