Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday Pot-purry

Lots of stuff, so lets get right to it. Let's start off with some links.

New review up over at the Galaxy, Chocolate and French Fries. Go, read it.

Then head over to Kolchalkaholic and read ADD's review of Converstaion #2. I wish I had half the passion for comics he did.

Bluesman #1&2 are now available through diamond for preorder. The codes are NOV053053 and NOV053053. They're coming through NBM Publishing this time. You can read more about it at the Bluesman Project. And, if you want you can order them at a pretty good discount through the DCBS (that's Discount Comic Book Service). So, go do it. Maybe, just maybe I'll have a few to give away in January....but order a copy of each anyway!

I want this on a shirt dammit.

Ian's got an overview of Alan Moore's latest attack on DC. Well, attack isn't the right word really. I wish him good luck, it's an impossible battle.

Eleven rules for better comic storytelling. I don't agree with all of them, but it's got some good guidelines.

Painkiller Jane returns, with Quesada on board too. Wow, bit of a conflict of interest isn't it? Eh, probably not.

This is just beautiful.

Dave gets Brave. And Bold. Now I want to see that Giant Robot Batman Sentinal thing.

Check out Greg's novel. I'm going to read it eventually, I swear.

Dial B look at the original Outsiders. I had no idea about the Freaks connection.

Lewis Black on the Weather Channel. Cool.

Wrestling and superhero comics, two great tastes that taste great together. Nah, two entertainment mediums that are fast circling the drain. Steven Grant kicks ass.

Need more gay in your life? We all do. I dig the Henry Rollins Superman...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Home Simpson is Deathstroke, the Terminator. Scrolling required.

Better than Tango & Cash. IMPOSSIBLE. Still, I do want to see it.

There's gonna be a Blade TV show. Cool. Nice to know at least on cast member for Over There will be back to work soon.

More Animaniacs DVD news. Sweet!

Want to really get ahead at your job? Here's what you need to know.

A few new Mutliplex strips are up. It's some funny, funny stuff.

More comic related TV/movie news and rumors. I like the idea of an Aquaman show, if they do it right. I enjoyed the Smallville episode.

Need some movie trailers to get through the day? Try Underworld: Evolution, The Fountain, The Producers, Curious George, Final Destination 3, and of course, Harry Potter.

Now, how about some reviews?

Cable & Deadpool #22

The mystery surrounding the Dominus Objective deepens. I'm dying to know who's behind it all. Overall this issue was pretty darn confusing though, even for me. Pretty to look at, but just filler for the trade.

Darkseid Vs. Galactus: The Hunger

Got this one free from Ed Cunard. Much appreciated Ed. Not bad, I don't know much about Kirby's Fourth World characters, so a lot of it is lost on me I'm sure. But, the thought of Galactus eating Apokolips amuses me to no end. Actually pretty solid work from Byrne, who I almost always loathe. Glad he didn't try to explain the crossing of the universes, he just runs with it. Not bad at all.

Drax the Destroyer #3

More filler for the eventual trade. This issue just sees Drax resurrecting himself after getting killed in the last ish. Nothing else happens, what a downer. The art is growing on me though.

Solo #1

Sent to me via ADD. Damn I wish I'd been buying all of these issues. Not quite as good as the Darwyn Cooke ish, but still pretty good. Loved the Catwoman cover, as well as the story, playful and sexy. The Supergirl story was fun as well. I could take or leave the rest, but worth it for those two. Oh, and it looks beautiful.

Tales of the TMNT #17

Don, Raph and Casey end up in an alternate dimension where giant bugs rule. I friggin love this book. Good script, great art, and a story that you can just sit back and enjoy. No continuity problems, no drag-along storylines, just good old-fashioned comics. One of the best of the series, and the cover for newxt ish looks exciting.

Y, the Last Man #39

Brian K. Vaughan is such a tease! Damn him. I was looking forward to finally seeing Beth and Yorick reunited, and now it looks like we're gonna wait a while longer. Still, he sets up a new mystery with the Doc and her girlfriend, Yorick's about to get pexposed in more ways than one, and it's got one hell of a cliffhanger ending.

Grand Theft Parsons

Quirky dramedy about the death of Gram Parsons. Johnny Knoxville probably doing his best work to date as Parsons friend and road manager. After Parsons dies, Knoxville steals the body to fulfill a promise made between friends. Chasing him are Gram's father and ex-girlfriend. Yes it's based on a true story, and yes it's silly, but it's actually really good. Certainly not laugh out lod hilarious nor an emotional rollercoater, just a solid movie through and through. Worth a rent if you see it.

Whew, okay, I'm out.


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