Friday, November 04, 2005

Spoiler Warning

Too late!

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That's the last page to Infinite Crisis #1

I was recently reading through some old book and came across The Kingdom, the followup to Kingdom Come by Waid and Ross. Unfortunately I don't have a scan (yet), but on the last page of The Kingdome #2 we see the Golden Age Supes and these words:

"For all he'd done he deserved Heaven...not prison. But now, at long last, he knows this isn't the jail he once believed it to be. Now he knows there's a door. There's a door, even if he's not going to use it. Not today anyway."

Well, I'll be damned. Now, since I don't follow DC and have just read Inf. Crisis #1 I have no clue if this has anything to do with that. I barely remember The Kingdom, so I'm not even sure what all that was in reference to, but I plan on rereading it soon. But, if you've been following all the DC stuff and you have this, take a look at that last page. Maybe I'll get a scan of it later today.


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