Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Breaking the Curse

As I type this the boston Red Sox are on the verge of going to their first World Series in almost 20 yrs, and given the two teams fighting it out in the National League, stand a pretty good chance of breaking the Curse of the Bambino.

I know, most of you probably could care less about baseball, and usually I feel the same way, but I'm watching sports history in the making, and for a on-again-off-again sports fan (except for football, I'll always love football) like myself, it's pretty exciting.

Nothing will ever get me back into loving baseball, tho8ugh, not even the Great Homerun Chase, nor the New Iron Man could bring me back. The athletes are overpaid babies for the most part, especially the Yankees. I hate the Yankees. With a passion. If they were playing baseball against Satan and his demon horde for all of our souls, I think I'd root for Satan.

Yeah, that a bit of a reaching scenario, but hopefully you get my point. If not, you're denser than even I am.

So, yeah, I'm hoping beyond hope that the Yankees lose. Looks like I'll get my wish, but, theen again, they are cursed.

So, anyway, until I get some reviews finished, here's a bit of link blogging to keep you busy.

Cinescape - Home -

Check out the Comicscape column by Tony Whitt, always good stuff. He talks a bit about Chris Reeve, and I agree, like or dislike the actor, you have to admire the man. He was a superman in every sense of the word.

Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like?

Tom's talking about crappy horror films, and while I agree with his assessment of Halloween: Resurrection, it's very much in the vein of almost every horror film to come down the pike sense...well...the original Halloween flik. They're all pretty much shit, so picking out the shittiest in a sea of shit seems like a self defeating task. But, it's entertaining to read!


Dorian's got a Superbitch..err...Girl cover to show you, and he's got a look at the new DC solicits, a feature I've come to enjoy, even if I don't read many DC books.

Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin

Mike's got a Blondie cover and a few links of his own. Even more if you scroll down. Gotta admire the man's obsession with a certain moss covered DC character.

Near Mint Heroes

Shane's got more links than you can shake a stick at, including news about the new Superman (Cinescape has some on this as well.). Seem's that's all he's had time for lately, so, Shane, here's hoping to see you back in the swing of things soon, but, I'm enjoying the links in the meantime.

The Johnny Bacardi Show

J.B. (not to be confused with comics' other, far more idiotic J.B.) has some song lyrics that are sure to give you a chuckle. If they don't you take things waaay too seriously.

Neilalien : A Doctor Strange Fansite : A Comic Book Weblog

Neil's always good for a linkfest as well, not to mention more Doc Strange info than you can shake a stick at.

Mercury Studios

Good news for Steve Lieber, Me and Edith Head is being adapted as an independant film. Well, I assume it's good news for him, guess it depends on how well it turns out. There's also a few sketches up, one that's sure to make you laugh.


Fred's got a Irv Novick memorial of sorts. Good stuff. I was sad to read of his passing. I'm not terribly familiar with his work, but it's always sad to see one of the industry's creators pass. I wish his family the best and Irv all the fame and fortune he deserves in his new life.

Permanent Damage

Mr. Grant examines the time-space continuum and why it seems to hate him so much.

Comic Book Galaxy - Now in our Fifth Year!

CBG is holding open submissions for new reviewers. I've got half a mind to actually submit something and create a real review as opposed to what I usually end up with. I've no actual expectations of being accepted, but it might be fun to actually force ADD to critique something I reviewed. So, all you looking for a higher profile gig, you won't get any better than this. Well, you can't get any better quality site than this, I'm sure you can find somewhere with higher traffic, like saw Newsarama, but who the hell wants to deal with the idiots that frequent that site.

National Novel Writing Month - National Novel Writing Month

This is an interesting idea. If I weren't already swamped with writing what I write I'd definitely give it a go. A great experiment, and free to boot.

Fiction Novel Proposal Guidelines

Wizards of the Coast is opening a new book publishing division and is holding open submissions. They'll only choose one candidate, but it's a good way to get your stufflooked at. It's another thing I'm considering, maybe I'll actually follow through.

So, yeah, it's the bottom of the ninth and the BoSox are about to make history. I'll be back later with a review...I hope.


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