Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Reviews!

As promised, and since there's alot of them, I won't go into all the major details, just my thoughts.

Bullseye: Greatest Hits #2 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Way and Dillon continue the origin of one of the most vile people in the Marvel Universe. Honestly it'll be a bit disappointing if all of Bullseye's little stories turn out to be true, but pretty obvious if he's revealed to be making it up, a la The Usual Supects. Here's hoping the boys pull a rabbit out of the hat and surprise the hell out of me. either way we're two issues in and I'm loving it, especially Dillon's art. I'm definitely in favor of a bullseye monthly instead of Way's current Venom series.

The Punisher #12 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

We finally see the end of the Kitchen Irish arc, and it ended much better than it began. Still, I'm dropping this and hoping they keep the Trades coming. Decent, but Ennis can do much much better. Like the next book:

303 #1 $3.99 (Avatar)

Ennis and artist Jacen Burrows craft a militaristic tale like only Ennis and Burrows can do. This is good, real good. I hope issue 2 isn't far behind.

Daredevil 2099 #1 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Decent, nice to see a single issue story from the House of Early 90's Ideas. Not sure the reasoning behind all these one-shots, but this was the only one I read. Kirkman's done better.

Guardians #4 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Good, good stuff. This would most definitely appeal to a younger crowd, and I'm not sure how it got approved at Marvel, but I hope it lasts for quite awhile. It won't but I can hope. Anyone loking to get a 10-12 yr old into comics might wanna give this a try. And if you're looking for something original (well, somewhat original I suppose) check it out.

The Tomb of Dracula #1 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Steve Niles this isn't. I wish it was, because Rodi and Jones aren't even decent substitutes. The art is passable at best, but the story just doesn't cut it.

Y, the Last Man #27 $2.95 (Vertigo/DC Comics)

Okay, I've tooted this series' horn forever, so if you don't get it, by all means, quit stopping by. If you're not buying this book, what the hell is wrong with you?

Doctor Spectrum #2 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Why did we need a mini for this? Seriously? Still, it's not that bad, at least we don't have to stare at the nudity-passing-for-maturity that runs rampant in Supreme Power.

X-Force #3/X-Men: The End #4 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

I'm done with Claremont's End book. This issue was steeped in confusion even for a follower of the x-books. Still enjoying the over-the-top X-Force though. Not because it has any actual redeeming quality, but because it seems to be a trainwreck in the truest sense of the word.

On that note, I'm gonna be dropping alot on monthlies in favor of more trades, just because reading floppies, not to mention the space they take up, has become increasingly idiotic. Not sure what I'm dropping yet, or when, but the Punisher is first on the list, we'll see what next week holds.

I've still got the Sgt. Rock HC, a Brit TPB, and the Ursula GN to review, but I want to dedicate actual space to those. Not to mention rereading all the current minis that have finished lately. So, definitely more tomorrow.


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