Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The 5 AM List

Bewitched - The Complete First Season (Black and White)

Is anyone planning on seeing this movie. I dig Will Ferrell and all, but it just doesn't look that interesting, add to that I didn't care for the show much at all, and well, I doubt I'll be seeing it.Ever. This is also available colorized. You can probably thank Ted Turner for that.

Coach Carter (Widescreen Edition)

My Dad met the guy that inspired this movie. That and fifteen bucks will get me the DVD. So...yeah, I won't be seeing it anytime soon.

Cursed (Unrated Version)

Really, does anyone go in saying...hmmm...maybe I should get the rated version, that "unrated" sounds just too damned graphic for me. It's also out on UMD for the PSP, which I can understand, but really, why the hell do we need two versions? Of this especially.

Degrassi The Next Generation - Season 2

Some people say it's not as good as the original series. I disagree. I think that android is really funny, much better than the guy with the pointy ears. The ship doesn't look like it's hanging from fishing line, and when they teleport it's really cool. Plus, I think the bald captain can whoop that toupee-wearing over-acting other guy any day of the week.

Oh, wait, wrong show.


I really wanted to see this.

The Jacket

And this too dammit!

Loch Ness

This has Ted Danson in it. I'm blown away. But, the only way I'd buy it is if Cliff and Norm were with him, hell throw in Woody and Frasier too! and at the end the Loch Ness Monster turned out to be Vera. That would be fantastic.

Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous (Widescreen Edition)

This movie is being released in like nine different packages. Not different editions, just different ways of packaging it (two-packs, widescreen/fullscreen, with soundtrack, etc, etc.). What the hell?

Oz - The Complete Fifth Season

See, they missed the boat on this show. If it had been a prison set in the land of Oz, that would have been amazing. Can't you just see the Lollipop Guild inciting a prison riot? I'm telling you, they should pay me to write this shit.


AKA Lookin' Italian, further proof that TV stardom does not become movie stardom.

Tabitha - The Entire Series

There was a follow-up to Bewitched? you've got to be freaking kidding me!

Real content coming up later, I swear!


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