Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So, What's Been Keeping Me Busy?

Well, work for one.

Plus, there was part one (and coming soon, part two) of my Batman Loose Staples column, which I hope you've all read by now. If not, hop on over to Comic Book Galaxy and check it out. While you're there please take a gander at Shawn Hokes latest Size Matters and Rob Vollmar's International Geographic, both very excellent.

I finished off the very excellent Freeks and Geeks DVD set. I rented them from Netflix, which turned out to be a mistake. I got distracted with other things and ended up taking two months to watch the whole damn series. But, it was good, I just which I'd bought it instead.

Right now i'm watching Keen Eddie. Three episodes in and I'm hookd. I'm not sure why I have cable anymore. Oh yeah, Boomerang, Adult Swim, NFL Network.

I now have a complete collection of the Marvel Legends Galactus Series. I'm gonna ope them and put the big guy together. (UPDATE: I did, and he kicks all kinds of ass!)

I have seen a few movies lately. Ocean's Twelve was the most recent. If you managed to avoid seeing this, please, keep avoiding it. It's complete crap. Might be the worst film I've seen all year. I caught Bugsy on cable a few days ago, not sure how I've managed to not see it in all the years its been out. It surprised me how much I enjoyed it, things definitely didn't turn out like I thought they would, even with it being a true story and all. I also re-watched Ladykillers a few days ago. Certainly not the Coens finest work, and Hollywood really doesn't need more remakes, but it's still a damn funny film.

Toon Disney's airings of The Tick have been must-see-TV lately. I really had forgotten how hilarious that show was. Seeing it daily is just about the best thing in the world.

Those Mixed Bag 2 CDs are in a constant state of rotation on my car stereo. I've enjoyed all the ones I've listened to, but there's no outstanding favorite so far, but, Mrs. Lefty Brown's is creeping up the list.

Has anyone else seen the electric bicycle commercials? What the hell is the point in that?

Oh, yeah, before I forget, new Permanent Damage!

Keith Richards is gonna show up in one of the Pirates sequels. Cool.

That's all I got.


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