Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stupid Blogger

I hope the new format isn't too ho-hum for everyone. Until Blogger fixes its problem, I'm stuck with it.

I lieu of The List, I'll direct you to two fine DVD sources :

Augie's Various and Sundry. I'm currently addicted to his site, and I'll be adding it to my own sidebar soon, probably tomorrow.

Also, Cinescapes DVD Column is a good read, it highlights some of the more obscure releases.

Like Augie, I often look ahead to see what DVDs are coming, and I must reiterate his "dry DVD weeks" remark. My wallet appreciates it though, as I spend ENTIRLY too much money buying them, and currently have over 30 movies I've yet to even see, some of them I've owned for almost a year.

I recently saw the King Kong trailer (early yesterday, when I was plugging in various things into Cinescape to see what popped up, it's nifty...), and....am I the ONLY person unimpressed with this? Did the world really need another Kong? After the last two were horrific, why do it again (Jurrassic Park 2 was Kong, no ifs ands or buts about it)? I was with Jackson until the ape showed up, then he lost me. Oh well.

Hope everyone's still checking the Galaxy for new updates! Both my recent column and my Ice Haven review are up. Do me a favor and click on over to the main site, so ADD can get a good headcount of the visitors, then follow the links from there! (Pssst: Check out Ian's take on Sleeper as well, damn good stuff)

Speaking of Ian, happy friggin birthday man! 22? You're just a baby!

This is currently my computer background. It rocks (the first pic, not all of them, but they all rock.)

Tom and Cory are a year old in the blogthingie, so is Ian! I agree with Tom, it's a pain to try and post daily, and the last two weeks of my non-posting have been mostly enjoyable. But, next week I'll be fully back on the horse, i think.

Yet even more proof that God loves me (and yet feels the need to torture me with endless delays...). But, the fact that we get the Superman serial as well as COMMENTARIES!!!!! makes it sooooo worth it.

My pleasure Shane.

There's a reason Dave gets mentioned in some big ass magazine and I don't. Why? Because he's the funniest son of a bitch on the planet, that's why. Even his picture is hilarious. If I'm ever in Washington, the party is on.

Finally, Mick returns. I was beginning to think he died. Batman Begins wasn't that long was it?

That's about it. I had the best idea I've ever had today. Too bad I'm a lazy ass, otherwise it would be uber-cool.

See, the ASS part comes in when I don't tell you what it was.


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