Friday, June 17, 2005

All Kinds of Interesting Crap

I am now the proud owner of a new video card, and have signed up for City of Heroes. I created a character, but it said I lost my connection to the server and my character got erased. Pissed me off, but oh well, it works. So, anyone out there already playing, hope to see you around the city...if I can actually make it there.

I also have Boomerang and The NFL Network now. I was tempted to skip work today and flip back and forth between these two all afternoon. But I didn't. Both are all kinds of cool, I got to see several Falcons game highlights today, as well as The Hair Bear Bunch and part of Hong Kong Phooey, so, yeah, I'm hooked for life.

Big props to Chris H of The Great Curve and CBG fame for helping with my router troubles. He didn't actually fix them, but he led me down the right path, so thanks Chris, you rock.

In other news, Shane memed me. So, here goes...

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? (Assume you also get baseline superhero enhancements like moderately increased strength, endurance and agility.)

Call it too much That 70s Show on DVD lately, but i'd wanna go all Red Foreman on people and make them wear their asses for hats. BAM! You're wearing your ass for a hat. That would just be killer. The Ass Hatter! Man, if only I could do that in CoH.

Which, if any, 'existing' superhero(es) do you fancy, and why?

Your Mom. She's really super.

Which, if any, 'existing' superhero(es) do you hate?

Your Dad, because, well, he keeps coming home early. Can you send me my clothes back?

What would your superhero name be? (No prefab porn-name formulas here, you have to make up the name you think you’d be proud to mask under.)

Didn't I answer this? I guess the Ass Hatter is about Wide Brim? I'd have this big ass hat.

For extra credit: Is there an ‘existing’ superhero with whom you identify/whom you would like to be?

I identify with no one...but if i had to chose who to be, Deadpool no doubt, he's witty, he gets to kill people, and Wade wilson is the coolest name ever. Which is why he stole it. But not the football player. That guy sucks. I'd kill him first.

Pass it on. Three people please, and why they’re the wind beneath your wings.

How about you, you, and you. Because you're Mom's are totally hot. MILFS to the MAX.

You like that, right? You don't know if you've been memed til you click the link, and if it's not you, bam, new content for you to read!

And that's what you get for meming me, don't let it happen again!

Finally, this is for Alan (no, not that Alan, but they do have the same damn initials, what the hell are the odd on that?), the Doom Live journal. And here's a few more you might like: Hulk, Sue Storm, Namor, Ultron, and Zombie Tom, the funniest dead thing on the planet.



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