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Ded's "Movies The Need More Love"

Here's the article that inspired it.

Part 1

Part 2

The list should top out at around 30 I think. Here's a few more.

100 Girls

This is probably the only film on the list no one will have ever heard of. The story revolves around a college kid who has a one night stand in an elevator with a girl whos face he never saw. Through the course of the film he attempts to track the girl down by staking out the women's dorm. It's got a sitcom-y format, tries hard to be like Animal house with its juvenile antics, but for some reason, I like it. The cast is full of relative unknowns (Jamie King will be one a few people will recognize, as well as current Grey's Anatomy hottie Katherine Heigl, playing a lesbian no less), amd their acting is far from Oscar calibur, not sure why I love it so much, but I do. "It must have been the cloak of darkness concealing my usual romantic retardation, because that night, I was smart. I was funny. I was invincible."


Stallone is no comedian, but if you've ever seen any interviews with the man, he can be funny. In this film he doesn't play comedian though, he plays the straighman to the antics of everyone else that stumbles in and out of his life. Based on a French film by the same name, and directed by John Landis, a damn good director that has taken a misstep or two throughout his career. It's got an all-star cast (Peter Reigart, Tim Curry, Chazz Palmintari, Don Ameche, Kurtwood Smith, Marisa Tomei, Harry Shearer, and a brief cameo by Kirk Douglas, to name a few.), a great script, and good comedic timing. It watches like a play instead of a movie. I think it gets a bad rap because of Stallone's image as an action figure and no one willing to give him a chance at playing it straight. It's a good movie, smart and funny, that deserves a lot more credit than it gets. "I got it! You daughter's not your daughter, and the cash that used to be the jewels is now your underwear!"

Poolhall Junkies

Mars Callahan wrote, directed and stars in this brilliant movie about a poolhall hustler trying to get out from under the man who brought him into the game and go legit. It's the first film I ever saw Alison Eastwood in (damn what a hottie). Callahan has a great grasp on the game, being an ex-professional player himself, his skills as a director are excellent for a first timer, and his dialogue is crisp, hip, and rarely stumbles. Surrounding himself with a great cast doesn't hurt either. Chazz Palmintari, Chris Walken, with bit parts by Rod Steiger, Lex Luthor himself, Michael Rosenbaum and Rick Schroeder. Plus, it's a sports movie, and we all know how I am with those. "I'm not sure I wanna be hanging out with a guy who noticed a crease in my pants. "

Return to Me

I love Bonnie Hunt. I want to marry her. Not because she's hot (she is, if you don't think so, well, you're wrong), but damn is she smart. add funny, and well, she's damn near perfect. She could have easily written this for herself, but she didn't, she turned it over to Fox Mulder and Minnie Driver. The story is farfetched for sure, a man loses his wife and her heart is transplanted into another woman, who incidentally falls for the same man. Once you get past the over-the-top premise, it's a wonderful, heartbreaking story, that's both funny and dramatic. Hunt recruits some great names for the movies bit players, Robert Loggia and Carrol O'Conner play so well off eachother it's a shame that the two haven't done more together (and, sadly, can't now), a TV show with those two would've been a winner and John Belushi's turn as Hunts husband surely landed him his gig on According to Jim (a show I like, so, bah!), David Alan Grier also turns in a good performance as Duchovny's best friend. It was O'Conner's last film, as well as Dick Cusak's (John and Joan's father). It's a great movie, one of a handful of romantic-comedy/drama films that I really enjoy, and definitely deserves more love. "Grace has Bob's dead wife's heart!"


This film sums up everything I feel about religion perfectly. This is a damn good film, and that's all I can say about it. If you grew up in a Christian home, you must see this movie. So, here's a bunch of quotes.

" I know this is wrong, but do you ever wonder if she just made the whole thing up? I mean, it's a pretty good one. It's not like anyone can ever use virgin birth as an excuse again."

"No, Roland... I crashed my van into Jesus! okay? I have a pimple the size of Jupiter! No, I am NOT ok! This is not how I wanted to remember my Prom. This is not how I wanted to remember my life."

"So everything that doesn't fit into some stupid idea of what you think God wants you just try to hide or fix or get rid of? It's just all too much to live up to. No one fits in one hundred percent of the time ? Not even you."

"Us Christian girls have got to learn to protect ourselves. I mean, sure Jesus could restore my mental and spiritual virginity, especially if I lost it to some rapist, but who wants that? I'm saving myself for marriage, and I'll use force if necessary."

Starship Troopers

It's been almost ten years since this movie hit the screen. I remember seeing it the weekend it came out, me and a small group of friends. It works on so many levels, I'm blown away that it doesn't get more props. Verhoeven is a damn fine filmmaker who takes himself too seriously sometimes (AHEM, Showgirls), and this will eventually be seen as this generations Full Metal Jacket. Current situations in America so accuratley reflect what goes on in this film, it's both eerie and horrifying. Plus, I love Dina Meyer. "Violence has resolved more conflicts than anything else. The contrary opinion that violence doesn't solve anything is merely wishful thinking at its worst."


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