Sunday, June 26, 2005

Week Links

You might all be wondering where the hell I've been. In short: working. My next Loose Staples turned out to be so big I've split it into two columns (at ADD's suggestion, otherwise you'd all be reading a seven page essay on Batman in film and comics...). I also wrote three reviews: Bone Vol. 1, Ice Haven, and Superf*ckers. All three were terrific (the books, not my reviews) and I'll post links as soon as they go up, I might even have a bit more to say about Ice Haven.

If you haven't been keeping your eye on CBG, now's as good a time as any to go see the latest content. Alan really has assembled an excellent stable of online talent, further proving the Internet's need for the Comic Book Galaxy.

Congrats to G.B. on the baby. It will be fun watching him go insane.

Ummm...okaaaaaay. Couldhe be anymore cryptic? If you can't use what you have, sell the damn things off! Marvel seems to now be the corporate equivilent of a fanboy: It passes off the dribble it writes for entertainment and hordes the most useless things in the world.

Johnny Bacardi is a giiiiiiiirl. Nah. J.B., I used to read Bobsey Twin books, at least Nancy Drew was an original.

Hey, look, Permanent Damage!

I agree with this guy. No Nightcrawler might mena no money from me.



So...that's it. Eventually i'll have something interesting to say, so keep your eyes open!


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