Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Finally, Good News

Paramount has pulled the plug on Watchmen. The movie is being shopped around to other studios, here's hoping NO ONE buys it.

I meant to link to this and like an idiot I forgot, so, go look at ADD's latest blog entry, and just keep asking yourself "What the hell is the New Comic Book Galaxy?" and all will be revealed shortly. And it kicks more ass than anything ever.

Mike Penny linked me to these photos of Dakuwaka Productions in Wizard World Philly. Looks like they had a great time, I just hope they sold some books! Those booths can't be cheap. For those not in the know, Mike and Dakuwaka are responsible for the indy hero book Helios, a damn fine read, you can follow my links on the right to the reviews I've done, and the book can be ordered from many a website, no link of which I have handy, apologies. But, that's why someone invented Google, right?

Lefty forgot about me. I'm really feeling the love.

I must have this book. Igor Kordey, I love you.

That is all for now. And no, I didn't forget about those CD reviews.


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