Thursday, June 09, 2005

Link Blogging

I'm finishing up a few things here and there, so here's some links to keep you busy.

Pa Kent may be exiting Smallville, and not because the actor wants to leave. Schneider has urged fans to speak out against this. It may indeed be the worst idea ever, he's one of the shows two saving graces, and I believe it would mark the end of the series surely. Rumors say that this may tie in to the upcoming Supes movie. Hey, Brian Singer, thanks a lot.

Dawn of the Dead re-cut by fan. What kills me is the responses to this "Why doesn't he just make his own movie? Why would anyone want to re-cut a movie that was fine to begin with? Two tickets for Star Wars- Special Edition please." Idiots.

Comicscape is in on the "Brett Ratner will kill the franchise" idea.

Two Sisters looks interesting, I'll have to pick it up on my next Top Shelf order, provided I have the funds. Bravo to Kurt for bringing something other than mainstream reviews to Cinescape.

T.J. Hooker to DVD soon. Dear God in Heaven kill me now.

We3 the movie? I'm on the fence. At least they've chose one of Morrison's more straightforward narratives to adapt. Gotta love the idiotic Cinescape reader coments. Yes, Morrison is going to make money on something he created, he MUST be a sellout. The best thing about adapting books and comics to screen? If it sucks, there's still the source material.

New Permanent Damage. Sweet.

That does it, i'll be back later with some actual comic stuff.


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