Friday, January 21, 2005

At the Movies

Elektra- I never bought Jen Garner as Elektra, possibly because she doesn't look at all Greek*, she does fit the assassin bill though, given her background on Alias. I'd like to say I'm not sure why this movie is getting such negative attention. It's well made, the acting isn't too stiff (I think Garner is a stiff actress, some don't) and the plot actually flows nicely, and above all, makes sense. Yeah, the fanboy in me can tear it limb from limb, but why bother? No, they don't get Elektra right, but this isn't about the Elektra in the comics, it's about the Elektra from the Daredevil film (maybe not the Director's Cut...). With that in was so much better than Daredevil. It kicks Catwoman's ass, and I'm sure it'll be better than Constantine. Garner seems to have slipped into the role easier, she seems more sure of herself. The setting was really good, wheremost movies are being done in a city, this takes place primarily in the countryside, a nice change of pace. The bad guys are also pretty good, though I take issue with how a few of them are dispatched. No, it's not X2 or Spidey 2, but like those, the film is far better than its predecessor. Oh...not sure it's right for younger kids. There's a bit of cursing, too much I think, and a somewhat-sexual kiss between Elektra & Typhoid. Who'm I kidding, it's played off as totally sexual. If they'd run that in the trailer, I bet tons of men would flock to see it.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle- It's better than Dude, Where's My Car, but that dosn't say much. Doogie Howser steals the show, and there's some really funny guest walk-on's. Other than that it's a stoner film, pure and simple, and if you like stoner films, you'll like this.

Spiderbabe- No one will believe me, but my brother bought this and told me I just had to watch it. If you don't know, it's Cinemax-style low-budget super-hero softcore porn. It's really funny, and really sad at the same time. Fanboys already think about super-heroes too much, debating mundane details, super-hero porn we do not need. It's good for a quick laugh, especially it's riff on all the details of the first Spidey film, but don't watch it alone, you'll feel dirty afterwards.

Oh, new review up at CBG, again! Wanted #6, sweet.

Dorian has a rundown of GLAAD's award nominees. Pretty disappointing stuff. His assessment that they seem to be promoting mostly things that show how heterosexual's deal with gay issues, is on the nose. Most of these really aren't positive (not that they're negative) portrayals of gay men & women in pop culture (for me, that's what the media has become, they should rename the awards), and some of them do nothing besides reaffirm stereotypical views. My Dad thinks Will & Grace is funny...but he voted against gay marriage...yeah, GLAAD, that show is really opening people's eyes. Fifteen years from now most of this stuff will be laughable.

*I once got in an argument on a message board with a guy wanting to know some good ethnic female comic charactrs, I said Elektra, she's Greek, he said she doesn't count, she doesn't embrace her heritage. I'm still curious how one embraces their Greek heritage? He meant, he said, that she doesn't declare that she's Greek, that it's never brought up. I responded-"I know plenty of Asian women, not one of them has ever come up to me and said 'hey, I'm Asian." And yes, I stole Mike's little notation...

EDIT: Happy belated birthday to Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag and one to her husband as well!

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