Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Cat, The Knight, and a Murder

Watched a few DVD's lately:


Not a great film by any means. Odie isn't Odie, and John definitely isn't John, but Garfield is pretty much Garfield. It doesn't capture much of the comic strip's greatness, but it has a handful of funny moments, and isn't boring at least. It's a kids movie pure and simple, and if your young ones like "animal" fliks, they'll like this, doubtful that you'll find it hilarious, unless your taste in comedy is like that of a four year old.

King Arthur

Another film that isn't bad, but it's not fantastic. Worth watching, if only for Ms. Knightly. It's interesting how they twisted the legend to feel more realistic. The end is far too obvious, but other than that it's a pretty good take on the story. Did I mention Kiera Knightly?

Kiera Knightly.

5 Days To Midnight

A bit predictable in places, but it's an otherwise great mini-series. Randy Quaid was surprisingly good, despite the end, and funny enough the dumbest part of the entire show was the "briefcase sent back in time" aspect. Once it's over and done with it's a truly captivating watch, that pretty much keeps you guessing. There are obvious snafu's with the time travel story, and as a result there's a few plotholes, but nothing too serious. No worse than an episode of Quantum Leap or that show where the guy got tomorrows paper.


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