Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My Comic Book, and other crap

Well, not necessarily crap. Not all of it anyway.

Watched two DVD's today. One sucked.

Garden State was the first. I loved it, for the most part. The end was too sappy for me, and the beginning was a bit over my head, being one of the rare "never done drugs" people, at least around these parts. There's better reviews out there, so I won't bore anyone by even trying. It's a good movie, well worth your time.

The second was A Man Apart.

Avoid this at all costs. It's complete crap, and leaves me wandering about the upcoming F Gary Gray flik, Be Cool. He also directed The Italian Job, which sucked as well.

Read Invinceable Vol. 1 last night. I'll have a review in to CBG soon, I'll post it when it's up.

That's pretty much it.

Oh, yeah, my comic book. It's not really a comic book. Just a passing thought. I can't draw, and have doubts about my writing skills. But, if it ever happens, it'll be called Jesus Christ, Super-Hero.

You heard it here first folks.


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