Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Linkage & Words of Wisdom

Via a good pal, Cory (No, not the Captain): the irony never ceases to amaze me. every year we celebrate a black activist's life by being lazy for a day, getting nothing done, and screwing up everyones schedules.

Not to make light of anything, but this made me laugh. On to the links!

My home away from home, Comic Book Galaxy, is hosting the Ultimate Street Angel Giveaway, a truly awesome contest that makes me wish I weren't part of the crew, so I could enter. Grand prize winner gets signed comics, including the ultra-super-duper-uber (sorry, I can't resist) rare Street Angel mini-comic, along with some very cool art. So, what the heck are you waiting for, go enter!! Oh, and your local comics shop will get what you get as well, how nifty.

Speaking of CBG, there's some new reviews up, a few by me: King, a book I've wanted to read for the longest time, and now I just have to; Black Hole #1-12, sounds interesting; The Dreamer , an Eisner book I'm unfamiliar with, one of many..., and my looks at The Last Heroes and Dropsie Avenue.

That should keep you busy for awhile.

JB has a look at the new Image Comics solicits, and promises DC's is coming soon. Both Mike and Dorian look at DC's, and Dorian even looks at some of Marvel's. I don't know if I should be happy or may need to scroll down a bit at Mike's place.

Tom recently had a minute-by-minute look at the Golden Globes. It's pretty amazing folks.

Via TVShowsonDVD: News of Scrubs, He-Man, Desperate Housewives, and The Job (should make Tom happy, I think he loved this show, maybe it was someone else...). has a new Comicscape up by Tony Whitt. Looks like he's heading for greener pastures, which is a shame. You'll be missed Tony. This week he looks at Phil Jiminez's new project, OTHERWORLD. Oh, and a rundown of those pesky comics hitting shelves tomorrow, dont' forget they won't be out til tomorrow, I know I almost did.

They've also got links to the Fantastic Four trailer, the fanboy in me says YAY!!!, while the movie critic in me says NOOOO!, also, news on Toy Story 3, and a new Night Stalker TV show (that's Kolchak kids, not Blade & Co.).

Elsewhere in the blogscape (Tom's phrase, thought I'd give it a shot, does it work?), Laura has quite a few links of her own, no to mention the contest she's holding for copies of Colonia. Fred Hembeck also has some amusing MLK thoughts. Steve Lieber has some thoughts on Will Eisner, great stuff.

That's all for now folks, stop by later, maybe I'll have something interesting to say.


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