Friday, January 07, 2005

Great Movie Moments, Part 1

Seeing as how I'm diving thru my DVD collection looking for killer sound to test my Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound System (I did mention that I have one, didn't I? Heh) I've decided to name some of my all time favorite movie moments. Probably just one at a time, as I see them or as they occur to me.

First up, Once Upon a Time in the West

The moment? Three bandits sit waiting at a small train station, for what we don't know. They've run off the old man who runs the station without ever making a sound. Finally a train pulls in and the three step up to see if what they've been waiting for is on it. After a few seconds, they start to stroll away discouraged when a slightly off-key harmonica begins to blow in the wind.

The three men turn as the train pulls away, and standing behind it is Charlie Bronson, bag in one hand, harmonica in the other.

"You Frank?" he asks.

"Frank sent us," thier leader answers.

"Did you bring a horse for me?" Chuck asks.

One of the bandits laughs, looks at the three horses they rode in on and says:

"Looks like we're shy one horse."

Good ol' Charlie disagrees with a shake of his head and says:

"You brought two too many."

This upsets the three men, they reach for their guns, but before the first can even get a shot off, Chuck has dropped his bag and fired on all three of them. Before the last dies he gets a shot off at Charlie, and they both fall to the ground. A nearby windmill squeals as Chuck opens his eyes, then holsters his now wounded arm. Het plops his hat on his head, grabs his bag and walks away.

Five sentences folks. Five. It's a scene that lasts probably around ten minutes, maybe less if you don't include the opening (which had a bit more dialogue) Everything you need is in the sound and the visual, with very little dialogue. This is why Sergio Leone was a master filmmaker.

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