Thursday, January 13, 2005

Polish Links

One out of two ain't bad...

New Chris Allen Comments up at CBG insightful as always. Chris is one of my favorite reviewers, he should be one of yours too, check him out. This week he looks at the latest issue of Comic Book Artist, the Arkham asylum trade, a few What If...?'s and the Ultimates. Right on.

Speaking of CBG, ADD has posted his Nerd Score, figures he'd score so low! What's yours?

Comicscape talks more about Orson Scott Card and his upcoming stint as Marvel's Ultimate Iron Man writer. If I haven't pointed it out before, I'll do so now, Tony Whitt is one of the the best damn people writing about comics on the net. He does point out a pretty astounding fact, almost every person that wrote in is in agreement, when's the last time a bunch of fanboys agree on anything? Anhd for the record, I agree with what most of them are saying as well. A mans personal politics has very little to do with his writing ability, no matter how wrong you may think they are. I do think he's wrong, of course, and I won't buy the book, but that's me. If it sells, so be it, as long as he doesn't use it as a platform. There's also a rundown of this week's books.

Parent site, Cinescape has a few tidbits of interesting info as well, including info on X-Files 2.

Mike, Dorian, and Tom seem to be experiencing weird weather-related things. Good luck guys, be careful.

The JBS finishes up it's week-long tribute to Will Eisner. Nice stuff Johnny. He's also posted his Nerd Score, a whopping 11. I just know I'm gonna score in the 90's.

Via Permanent Damage:

"If you find the Rock charming (I generally do), he makes WALKING TALL fairly easy to take, and Johnny Knoxville is surprisingly entertaining as his ex-con sidekick"

This makes me feel like less of a fool. There's other, greater things in the new PD by Steven Grant, so check them out, won't you?


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