Sunday, January 16, 2005


Not sure than most people (outside of JB) that frequent this blog much care, but


47-17, a tremendous victory over the Rams, which does beg the question, where the hell was this team during the Chiefs game?

Big props to HC Jim Mora, Jr.for doing something his dad never did, win a playoff game. What he's been able to do with this team is astounding, and he and his crew are the real reason we've gotten this far.

Rossum set a punt return post-season record, which makes me really happy. He's one of my favorite players on the team, more than Vick even. Also, the Defense, wow, what a great job guys. Patrick Kerney, you're the best. Both Duckett and Dunn made fantastic showings, especially Dunn, who up until the last month I was not convinced we needed. The line's gotten better at opening up holes for him, and he looks awesome.

I did have a few reservations, mainly the decision to let Vick continue playing when the lead was so great. It was exciting to see them never give up, but as a armchair coach I have to wonder what the hell Mora was thinking.

Unfortunately the Vikings aren't looking too hot right now and we might be playing Philly in Philly. Which sucks. Not only would we get to play the Vikings at home, but we've beat them once in the playoffs in the past. I have little hope for us beating the Eagles, this may be their year.


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