Monday, January 17, 2005

Desperate Legal Boston Simpsons Housewives Development Arrested

Something like that...

Simpsons- This has become hit or miss, there were a few funny moments in the episode, but they're pretty much recycling old jokes and plotlines, polished as if they were new. The joke about "Former Astronaut Homer Simpson..." was pretty damn funny though.

Arrested Development- The funniest show on TV. If you are not watching this, please tune in, you're bound to laugh your butt off. The cast is brilliant, as is the writing, and it's a show that doesn't act as if it's audience were dumb as dirt.

Desperate Housewives- Still not exactly sure why Mrs. Nosy got killed (I forget her name) or what the hell the plumber is doing, but it's so intriguing that I just watch anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's not a really smart show, it's very soap-opera-ish (huh?) and can be cheesy and strange. I think, for me at least, it's the acting that brings me back, that and I'm in love with Bree (Sp?), the red head. She's very weird, and evil at times, but god if she isn't sexy as hell. And I don't generally like red heads.

Boston Legal- This has become a background show for me. I like watching certain moments (Spader, Shat, Candice) but don't care for others (everyone else in the cast), so I put it on and clean, do laundry, read, or various other things. Maybe it's just me, but I find almost everyone else downright horrid and can't wait for their characters to be written out. Bernard (can't remember his real name, sorry) was a wonderful addition, as brief as he was, his interactions with Spader were excellent. Also, Monica Potter is growing on me, nice little change up having the show end with her and Candice.


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