Wednesday, January 05, 2005

News of the Century

Not really; via Cinescape, who else?

"Yesterday news slipped out via The New York Times that Frank Miller, the legendary comic book writer of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and artist of WOLVERINE, would be writing ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, one of three new comic book series that DC Comics would be launching this year. The high-profile scoop must have convinced someone working at DC that the worst-kept secret in comics needed an official stamp, and so today the company finally confirmed the All-Star brand line is a'coming. "

I like Miller, but his DK2 has to be one of the worst Batman stories ever (looking at the CBG blog, it seems ADD agrees), and I couldn't stomach Lee's run past the second issue. I am still looking forward to Morrison and Quitley's Supes book tho. Gotta love the snide remark about needing an official stamp as well.

Also, via them:

"Canadian-born actress Emmanuelle Vaugier has been cast as PAINKILLER JANE in the Sci Fi Channel pilot. Perhaps best known to genre fans for her role as Dr. Helen Bryce in SMALLVILLE, Vaugier will play a Marine officer that develops healing powers after being exposed to a bioweapon. The two-hour pilot is based on the Event Comics series of the same name. "

Not exactly sure I care about that, but it is comic-related, and the book wasn't horrible, at least the issues I read. Funny how Joe Q and Palmiotti had planned to go back to EVENT after the Marvel Knights deal was up. Long live Ash!!!

And finally:

"Warner Bros. has announced that Natalie Portman (STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH) will star in V FOR VENDETTA, the movie adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's distrubing, futuristic comic book mini-series. The Wachowski brothers, writers/directors of THE MATRIX trilogy, will serve as producers on the film along with Joel Silver. James McTeigue, the first assistant director for the Wachowskis on the MATRIX films, will make his directorial debut with V FOR VENDETTA"

At least this time they're not stealing the story outright. File this with LXG and various other great comics to get butchered via Hollywood. See how hopeful I am?

Oh, and big thanks to ADD for helping me get rid of Eternal Sunshine, looks like you folks'll have to wait for a Ded Giveaway, I'm gettin me some comic books!!! (Well, some comics I don't have already...)


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