Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Screwing Around

Blogger had tons of little nifty options I didn't know existed, which is cool, and I changed my time-stamp format, took me forever to find out which time zone-thingy I was in, whatever happened to simple Eastern, Central, etc. types of classifications? I had it set on L.A. time and didn't know it. Also, you can now email posts to friends, or people you hate depending on how you feel about my blog...and I can edit my posts from the site, no going back through Blogger to fix one mistake! I'm playing around with the idea of adding music to the site (not the musak type of annoying stuff) anyone have any thoughts on that? Would it be annoying? I have a friend who does it, I tend to enjoy it, but he rarely updates the song. So, yeah, gimme feedback!!!

Also, got rid of that double Comments thing, sorry about that...not that anyone was commenting anyway! Oh, and I'm at 34 visitors so far today, not sure how many are me, but to those who stoped by thanks, that's my biggest crowd in awhile. Yes, yes, I know most of my fellow bloggers get hundreds of hits, I just don't need that inflated since of self worth, I'd be happy with a steady 30.

Anyway, thanks.

EDIT: The total ended up at fifty, wow, that's the best I've gotten in almost a year.


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