Thursday, January 20, 2005

Even more links!

Ever trying to prove how awesome he truly is, Alan has posted another one of my reviews up at the CBG, this time it's Invincible Vol. 1. I've already got someone asking me to borrow the trade, and a female at that. Go figure.

Been meaning to post a link to this for awhile, like almost a month, took me a while to find it, hope I'm linking to it right, if not, someone let me know please, buddy Dino reviewed Blade: Trinity, the Daredevil: Director's Cut DVD, and a few other films, so go look.

I disagree with his ultimate assessment of Blade, I liked it enough. There were moments of predictability and cheesiness, but no more than the first film. Blade 2 it ain't, but the action and humor were good.

Tony Whitt reviews Majestic #1.

Tom needs a life.

Spaceballs the Animated Series? Maybe.

I've got a few movie thoughts coming up, possibly later tonight, so stick around.


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