Thursday, January 27, 2005


Shaun of the Dead- Very excellent film. It's funny, sad, and romantic and scary. You'd be hard pressed to find a genre that doesn't make it into this movie, well...outside of pornography. Everyone should see this.

Kingdom Hospital- I didn't catch this show when it aired, and I picked the DVD set up from my local rip-off...err..I mean Blockbuster pretty cheap. Tunrs out the only rip you off when you rent movies.... I'm rambling. I'm on the last episode, and I've spent a majority of the show scratching my head and going "huh?" It's like Stephen King channeled through David Lynch in a decent way. There are a few let downs, but the acting is great and makes up for some of the faulty scripting (there's a whole episode that basically ends by changing the past and undoing everything...huh?). Fortunately answers seem to be coming in by the truckload on this final episode. Oh, and, I knew King was gonna pop up as Johnny at the end.

Smallville- Man, a few months off and they're back with a very excellent episode. The sex was a bit much, but having it addressed at the end was great. This might be the best episode all season. The end about damn near broke my heart.

Desperate Housewives- God the red head is sexy. She's the only reason I watch. Still, the plots are good in that over the top way.

Boston Legal- The end is coming. I know this because I'm starting to like the supporting cast.

Y, The Last Man #30- While I haven't enjoyed the one other book of Vaughan's I've read (Runaways) I think Y might very well be one of the best comics ever published. It's taken two and a half years for the reason's behind Yorick's survival to come to light, and it was all worth it. This is a brilliant book, and if you aren't reading, well, I guess that's your loss.

WE3 #3- Man. Morrison is a brilliant person, but the star of this show was the art. Definitely one of the best books of the last year.

Superpatriot: War on Terror #2- Apparently Kirkman's War on Terror is similar to George Bush's, all-but non-existent. I swear, it's been three or four months at least since this book first came out, and we just now got #2?! Oh well...good stuff, but I cannot remember what happened in the first issue at all. I thought that the baddie kicking that kid like a football was pretty damned funny, and disturbing.

Courtesy of Matt Fraction and Joe Casey (yes, I'm still harping on that, why do you ask?)

Cinescape has somenews about a Giant-Sized Man-Thing DVD. Okay, I added the giant-sized justto make it sound like porn. Funny, no? Also, Tony Whitt's penultimate Comicscape column.

TVonDVD has news of the George Reeves Superman show on DVD this year! Also, Vol. 2 of the classic (or not) TMNT series. I want both of these.

Found via somewhere, a video for Five For Fighting's "Superman" that incorporates all of the Man of Steel's on-screen incarnations (except the nifty american Express commercials...those rocked), and one from the comics as well. It's done by a fan, and the quality isn't fabulous, but the guy obviously spent some time on it and has a love for the material. I kinda didn't like the song that much, but the video has me singing it constantly now. Check it out.

Buddy Dino has apparently written an "unofficial" guide to Morrison's X-Men run. Go, read it now.


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