Sunday, January 09, 2005

Great (GEEK) Movie Moments, Part Deaux

No, I promise it's not from Hot Shots, though that moment in the sequel where the Sheen's see each other and say "I loved you in Wall Street!" amidst an Apocalypse Now parody might qualify...but then again, maybe not...

Okay, so we all loved Hugh Jackman in X-Men as Wolverine, but any geek worth his weight (and believe me, that's a lot) knows Hugh's X2 performance was even greater.

No scene represented Wolverine better than the invasion of the X-Mansion. From his sniffing out the trouble while having a coke in the kitchen with Bobby, to cross-stabbing one of the invaders in the chest, to slamming his adamantium-laced claws into anothers foot, then ripping him to shreds (off screen), then there's the dive-bomb attack from the balcony and him charging Stryker's men:

"You wanna shoot me? Go ahead and shoot me!!"

I doubt there will ever be a better scene that represents Marvel's cash-cow than this, and the let Singer do it, which caught me, and a number of other movie goers (geeks all I'm sure) completely off guard. As far as geek moments go, it's absolutely one of the greatest.

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