Monday, February 09, 2004

Being lazy

I can't decide if I hate it when someone else writes something before me, and better than I can, or if I love it because that means I can be a slacker. ADD just posted this review of Fused #1 on his blog (look to the right, click, then read) and I couldn't agree more. I haven't read the previous entries in the series, and found it fairly easy to jump into. I might pick up #2 this week, if I have some extra cash. So, yeah, here's what Alan said:

Fused #1 -- After four artistically -- uh, diverse issues at Image, Steve Niles relaunches at Dark Horse with new artist Josh Medors. The good news is that the plight of scientist Mark Haggerty -- trapped inside a powerful cyberetic suit that he can't escape and that may have consumed his body -- is as compelling as ever. Niles moves the story along with some interesting revelations about how his body and the suit seem to be evolving in their interaction with each other, and the cliffhanger ending is a shock and a horror. The bad news, in my opinion, is that Medors isn't really suited to the story. Original artist Paul Lee seemed perfectly in synch with Niles and his story, but none of the other artists associated with the series have managed to win me over. The writing is strong enough to bring me back for future installments, but the synergy of the earliest issues of the original series definitely seems to have gone missing. Grade: 3.5/5

It's not a bad book, and if you've got three bucks to spare, it's worth the time.


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