Tuesday, February 17, 2004

In awe

This is probably boring to everyone but me, but...

My new favorite television show, Unwrapped (on the Food Network) just had a small "report" on a new product (new to me at least) called Sinfully Delicious. They're dessert pills, designed to give you the full flavor of a variety of desserts, but with only a few calories per pill. I say pill, because that's exactly what they look like. Tiny, flavorful aspirin. Now, for a food (and especially dessert) lover like myself, this is science at it's finest.

I have no idea where you can buy them, but I'm going to assume a web search will turn something up. Supposedly they retail for about $10 a box and contain 12 varieties of dessert. Likely the best personal discovery since Jelly Bellies, years ago. Hmmm...maybe I don't have to do all that exercising anymore. (Hi Cory!)


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