Sunday, February 15, 2004

More Swamp Thing

Last night I dove into the second trade of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run, Love and Death. The intro by Neil Gaiman was a surprise, and pretty entertaining in its own right. I only managed to get through the first story, but seeing as how this was my first reading of it (yes, I know, a bit late, aren't I?) I wanted to take my time. "The Burial" proved to be one hell of a read, and will likely go down as one of my favorite stories ever. Moore, in one issue, manages to not only retell the origin of Swamp Thing as it was originally written, but to successfully put the past to rest. The art is as horrifically brilliant as it was in the previous volume, merging with Moore's words to create something truly unique. Watching Swamp Thing confront both the ghost of Alec Holland and the mistake, the fatal mistake, of his past is "haunting" to say the least. Moore manages to give this thing more humanity and emotion than most writers can with actual human characters. Top notch work from a top notch creative team. I'm greatly looking forward to finishing this book.


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