Thursday, February 26, 2004

Movie News published a couple of interesting tidbits today.

First up:

"Now a new report over at FilmForce turns up the heat another notch. According to the site, their sources report that New Line Cinema is the studio looking at the DEADPOOL movie project, with Millar to write the script, BLADE: TRINITY helmer David Goyer to direct and TRINITY co-star Ryan Reynolds to star as the title character. "

The Millar their talking about would be Mark Millar, comic book scribe extraordinare. For fans of the character such as myself, this is excellent news.

Second was the fact that Underworld 2 will begin later this year. For those that haven't seen the first, go do so, it's one of the most inventive takes on the vampire mythos in quite sometime. Now, like most movies, it has its faults, but overall it's quite excellent, and is definitely one of my favorite films from last year. So much so that I paid to see it six times.

Also of note to comic fans is that artist Igor Kordey has been fired from his current X-Men work, and may have been fired from Marvel as well. Sad news indeed. I enjoyed his run on Cable and Soldier X tremendously, and I certainly hope he moves on to greener pastures, far away from the likes of Joe Quesada and company.


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