Thursday, February 05, 2004

Now I find something!

Cinescape has just leaked what is quite the big rumor regarding the developing Watchmen movie. If you don't know what Watchmen is, just stop reading now.

"SCOOP 11: 'And, in the WATCHMEN, Sigourney Weaver as the Silk Spectre. Daniel Craig as Rorschach.'

Some months back there were rumors that casting ideas for the WATCHMEN movie were being tossed around, including the intriguing idea of casting John Cusack as The Nite Owl. This is the first rumor we've heard mentioning either Weaver or Craig specifically.

Our scooper added that the role Weaver would play would be the older version of Silk Spectre (the younger Spectre is her daughter and wife of Dr. Manhattan.) Craig played Alex West in the first TOMB RAIDER film and also had roles in ROAD TO PERDITION, ELIZABETH and THE ICE HOUSE. "

Now, keep in mind this is all rumor, nothing has been announced as of yet. This brings up the nightmare that was the League of Extaordinary Gentlmen.

Both were written by the extremely talented Alan Moore, as was From Hell, which was also adapted into a film (and I'll say was much better than The League). Now, with his fans disgruntled by the last two adaptations of his work, one would hope that they won't screw this up.

Ah, will Hollywood never learn?

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