Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bah, Stupid ISP!

Anything that can go wrong apparently will, my internet access has become extremely tempermental lately, deciding when I've been on for too ling and booting me off. I think there's a problem in the line as they've just built a new subdivision across the street from me, hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Didn't get much reading done yesterday, just one trade, Stonehaven; ended up watching The Princess Bride again (that makes twice in two days!) along with most of the bonus features. Great stuff, especially when they talk about Andre, it's enough to break this former wrestling fans heart. He was a great man, and as it turns out, a hell of an actor.

I'll be writing a review (of Stonehaven) tonight or tomorrow, and I'll keep everyone posted as to when they go up at The Galaxy. I've got a few coming, Bluesman, Helios #3 and Ex Machina vol. 1. Look for those soon hopefully.

I'd like to wish Friend o' the House Dave good luck, he's going on a bit of a hiatus it seems. I've missed his blogging lately as he was quite astute and always a joy to read. If nothing else Dave, feel free to email me, I still want to hear what you think about 1) the books I sent you, and 2) the books I recommended to you. Keep in touch man, I'll miss that blog of yours while you're out.

Steven Grant, ever the gentleman, gave me a new Permanent Damage to read today. Yes, yes, I know anyone can read it, but I like to pretend he writes them solely for my enjoyment. (Kidding of course, before he sends some sort od restraining order my way). This week he touches on a number of subject, including rape as a motivational tool for superheroines in comics, the real reason Star Wars works as a story (Hope Dorian is reading this!), ways to get comics into the hands of more youngsters, andof course, polotics. Here's a preview:

"For one thing, while Luke appears to be just a normal boy at the beginning of STAR WARS, he never really is. Luke is royalty from birth, The One who can both wield The Force effectively and redeem his father Anakin. He's the traditional Destiny's Hero who must grow up incognito for his own protection and only discovers his true nature and identity when his birthright asserts itself. That's the real hook of Luke Skywalker: not that he's a normal kid but that he isn't, which suggests the viewer himself may not really be just another schnook after all either."

"I keep hearing people suggest that supporting Democrats is the only way out of our current mess, and if that's the case we may as well throw in the towel right now."

"The problem isn't to bring the price of comics down enough that the content will seem a decent value by comparison, but to improve the content enough that the price point will still represent value for money and be widely perceived that way. This will probably necessitate abandoning our old dogma and basically recreating the comic book from the ground up. "

So, if you haven't been reading his column like I tell you, what the hell is wrong with you? It's insightful and important commentary from someone who has worked in the business for years. The man knows what he's talking about, check it out. Now.

Pup Named Scooby-Doo DVD's on the way. YES!

Someone give this man a cookie. I'd offer a prize for anyone who can name all of them...but I don't have anything that's worth enough to justify it. I'll love him forever for including Slash. At least, I hope that's Slash.

Okay, time for more reading. Just got back from the LCS, bought a few floppies (mostly from the 50 cent bin...I just can't help myself it seems, this time it was Chaykin's recent Challengers mini) as well as DC's Batman Chronicles, which I plan to review for CBG if the mood strikes me.

EDIT: Blogger seems to not be letting me post mew messages, hopefully this won't last long.

EDIT 2: It gives me this message: "001 EOF while reading from control connection"
Anyone who can help me figure out what that means, feel free to email me and/or leave a comment.


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