Saturday, March 12, 2005

Week Links

Gotta love a play on words.

Alan has the winners of the Street Angel contest, along with a new 5Q, this time it's James Kochalka, about his upcoming book Superf*ckers. I've enjoyed the few Kochalka things I have read, with the exception of his daily strips. I've probably mentioned this before, I don't think they're bad by any use of the word, but they're just not my cup of tea. But, if you're into autobiographical stuff, trust me, you'll love them, in fact I have two of the smaller collected volumes, and I think I may just give em away. So, yeah, if you think you'd enjoy the work of Mr. Kochalka, send me an email with your name and address and I'll pick two winners at random on March 31st and send them to you. For a look at his stuff, check out his page. Given my last contest went over like gangbusters (NOT!), let's hope this one get's a few more responses. (And, any and all that will spread the word, I'd much appreciate it, gracias.)

All that's off the subject though, I wanted to talk about Superf*ckers, but to keep it short and sweet: I cannot wait until this book comes out. It looks brilliant.

Speaking of Kochalka, Top Shelf has a sale going on and you can pick up a ton of stuff by him and many others pretty darn cheap, so check it out.

Everyone's doing the review thing, or so it seems.

I think Dorothy, Bambi, and It's a Bird all sound good enough for me to track down. Also, I think Mike should be given a medal for his incredible rundown of ALL the books he got into the store this week.

Excuse me as I *SQUEAL* with delight (sorry Tom), Dorian has finall posted a new Subtext? And jeez is it ever hi-larious.

My link may be a fw days late, but there's still a new Permanent Damage up, so if you haven't read it do so now! It has the beginning of a column about creating comics.

Fred's talking about the gloved one, and good lord is that Bob Hope hand puppet ever scary...

Speaking of hand puppets...BWAHAHAHA. That just made my day.

Here's another puppet, this one is of THE "hand puppet." Not nearly as funny, but the fact that it says 25 phrases pulled from actual sound clips makes it somewhat so. "It's fuzzy math" Heh. also not those eyes. Creepy.

And lastly (is that a word?), Shane has his latest entry int his "100 greatest" list.


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