Saturday, March 05, 2005

eQuickies- 03/05/05

Intimates #4

Okay, I brok down and bought the book, despite my new found disrespect of Joe Casey, he's still a hell of a writer, he just also happens to be an overopinionated ass. Plus, I'm sending these to a buddy who, get this, only has ever read Marvel books. He only likes superhero books too, which is a problem in and of itself, but to have never read much outside the MU, this man needs something good. I'll buy the eventual trade...or pick them up in a quarter bin when I see em. I also bought #5, havent read it yet. As for this issue? Friggin' excellent. Destra coerces the school into having a dance, Punchy stands around and looks spiffy, and one of the kids pulls a cool prank. Rock on.

TMNT #20

Great, great stuff. It's killing me to see how all four storylines will eventually intersect to reunite the brothers. Fortunately we got to see one reunion this issue, and Raph's new form is starting to grow on me, I'm hoping it will stay, it suits the character, and I hate to see things go back to status quo, so hopefully they won't. If you aren't reading this, you suck!

Well, maybe not.

X-Force: Shatterstar #1

It's not great, but getting Liefeld off the art makes it infinitely better. His (Liefeld plotted it) story is slightly ridiculous, but I really enjoyed Marat Mychaels pencils, and the . Like all things X-Force, I'm in for the long haul, but if you didn't read the first mini, this prequel will lose you.

Rising Stars #24

I'm curious how much this new hardcover is going to be, outrageous I'm sure. While they're at it they should throw those crappy spin-off books into the collection as a bonus. Not a good bonus mind you, but hey, it'd be a complete collection. There's this old song that had a droning line in it "this is the end, the end, the end of our story", and this book reminded me alot of that song. It's a bit over-ambitious, but not in the least bit obvious. This might read really well as a collection. Guess we'll see, huh?

Doctor Spectrum #5

Only one more issue, then it's out of my buying habit! Overall not a bad story, but one that really didn't need to be told. I've dropped the main title so I'm sure I won't miss this one in the least. Great artwork though.

Hard to believe that's almost three weeks worth of comics buying, isn't it? I'm off to fulfill my CBG duties, look for another massive piece via the Galaxy headed your way next week. Visions of ADD are dancing in my head, I can just see him staring at his computer, waiting for new email, thinking "Why the hell did I ever get more reviewers? They never send me anything on time! Especially that Polk fella!"

Seriously folks, I've been working on this one for three weeks, and had been given the idea two weeks before that. My last name ain't Polk for nothin.


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