Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Houston, We Have the List

Here's what hot shelves today:

After the Sunset (Widescreen Edition) (New Line Platinum Series)

Try as he might, Brosnan cannot make a really successful film, this one appears to be a take off on his re-make of The Thomas Crown Affair, which really wasn't that good either, but the plot has a bit of To Catch A Thief as well. It may be worth a rent down the road just to see if it succeeds where his past attempts have failed. (I should say not by any real fault of his own, he's a good actor, he's just got bad luck with scripts I suppose.)

Apollo 13 (10th Anniversary Wide Screen Edition)

Includes the re-cut IMAX version and documentary called "WhyTom Hanks was robbed." I'm kidding about that last one, but he was.

Astro Boy - The Complete Series

I've never seen Astro Boy.

The Lone Gunmen - The Complete Series

Geekiest DVD ever.

Murder, She Wrote - The Complete First Season

You know, if I were a sheriff and she showed her face in my town I'd escort her out so fast it would make your head turn.

Orgazmo (Unrated Special Edition)

YAY!!!!!! I finally get to see it!

The Toxic Avenger (21st Anniversary Edition)

Right up there with the Killer Tomato's, which I was also introduced to via the cartoon.

And that about covers it. Today is reading day (yesterday was movie day, I watched three...I'm weird like that) so I'll be back later with some thoughts on something I'm sure.


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