Monday, March 28, 2005


Watched a little lately, both via cable and DVD.

Greg the Bunny- My latest from Netflix, finished it last night. This was an underrated show that got way too much interference and suffered from an overall lack of direction, but it was funny, especially the puppets. Tardy the Turtle is one of the best characters ever. The last 3-4 episodes were a major improvement and showed focus, but unfortunately the show just didn't have an audience. The DVD has some good extras, including commentary (one with the "puppets") and deleted scenes. It's worth the rent if you see it, but may not be worth buying unless you know you like it.

Smallville- I missed this weeks episode when it originally aired months ago. I guess I didn't miss much. Lex, great as always, the rest, just sort of there.

Desperate Housewives- How good is this show? It's fun, sexy, mysterious, hilarious, and dramatic, it's everything you need in a show. This week's episode finally furthered some of the plot involving Angela, or whatever her name is/was.

Grey's Anatomy- This was uninteresting and flat out boring. I watched about 20 mins and had to change it. Hope you didn't make the same mistake.

Arrested Developmet- Are you watching yet? Why not?! This week had Ben Stiller guesting as a rival magician to Gob. References to past episodes abound. Great as always.

The Simpsons- Repeat, and sucky at that.

Malcolm- This is always entertaining, I don't watch it enough. This week dealt with a kid who had either ADD or was and obsessive compulsive, or both, I couldn't really understand what his problem was, but they dealt with it in an entertaining and informative way. Also, Hal took a nekkid pic of his wife.

In other news...I've taken a few days off to sit around the house and read/watch movies, so look for tons of friggin updates this week as I strive to get my hitcount for the month to 1000.


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