Thursday, March 17, 2005

Family History

More than you ever needed to know about me and my family.

As a kid I didn't find it the least bit odd that my youngest sister was born the day before my brother and I (but four years after I should add), nor that my other sister was born on the 29th of March (three years after), or hell, even that I had a twin brother (we were born on the 18th, in case you just got here). I did feel bad about my oldest sister, Blake, because her birthday fell so far from ours, it always seemed she had to celebrate early, sort of killing four birds with one stone, if I may. But, other than that, it never really struck me that we were all born in March.

Then I learned all your basic sex ed stuff, but of particular interest was the nine months it took for a baby to arrive. (I hope you understand that this wasn't like 11th grade sex ed, more like seventh grade I suppose.) So, being the all-too-curious kid I was (and unfortunately still am), I counted backwards and arrived at the startling conclusion that my parents got pregnant with all of their children around the time of my Dad's birthday.

Trust me, if there's ever anything you don't need to know in this world, especially as a kid, it's where or when your parents had sex, you just cannot look at them the same. Now, as an adult it doesn't faze me, but as a kid I found it creepy as hell, even though they got divorced long before I ever figured it out.

On that note, it's March 17th, which means it's my sisters birthday (and, St. Patty's day as well, though unlike the rest of us she doesn't look a bit Irish, more Italian than anything I think, that's another weird story, perhaps another time i can speculate on it...), and even though she doesn't read (I think) this thing, I'd like to say:

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she does have a nice Irish name though, tho she insists on spelling it with an I instead of a Y)

And Happy St. Patrick's day to the lot of you!

Maybe I'll actually have something interesting to say tomorrow.


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