Friday, March 25, 2005


Haven't done any reviews in quite awile, so here goes.

Reign of the Zodiac #1

I have/had no idea what this is, I picked it up in my LCS' 50 cent bin mainly because the names Giffen, Doran and Wiacek appear on the cover (that'd be Kieth, Coleen and Bob respectively) It's rare that I see a mainstream comic I've never heard of (published by DC, btw) sporting three names I definitely have heard of, not to mention like tremendously. So, I'm glad I did pick it up, it's an odd mix of fantasy and technology, akin, I suppose, to Ralph Bakshi's film Wizards, but unlike that movie (a story for another time), Reign is quite successful with its attempt. The first issue introduces us to this world via a story being told to a young, pig-headed prince who is set to wed a girl so that the houses of Virgo and Aries can be united. Giffen's script, while verbose at times (which often distracts from doran's excellent pencils), does a fine job of setting you inside this new world and he manages to meld so many different elements of many familiar sci-fi and fantasy films and stories almost flawlessly. As said, Doran's pencils are excellent, her different versions of each world depicted are one of the books highlights. Each world has a different style, yet there's an overall fluidity to the work which makes it easier to accept and not at all the jarring experience it could have been. And yes, Bob Wiacek is a man who's name I both recognize and who's work I enjoy, which is odd for an inker (in my case), because usually comic book fans don't give it a second though. But, he does a fine job over Doran's art, which ispretty much my extent of being able to comment on inking. I should also mention Tony Harris' ramarkable cover, it definitely catches the eye. So, if you see this book and fantasy/sci-fi is your bag, pick it up! I'm gonna scower ebay and see if I can find the rest of the run.

Now, that wasn't quick at all, was it?

Vimanarama #2

I tried my damndest to write up a review of this for CBG, but it just isn't happening. I said everything I can think to say in my first issue review, and other than to add, this should be an ongoing series, I'm not sure what to add. It's not WE3, but it's a damn good comic that everyone should be reading. So, get out there and read it!

303 #4

Confusing. I had no idea what was going on here until about halfway through the damn book, but I still enjyoed the hell out of it. Ennis doing what Ennis does best with Burrows on art,it's a great combination.

Cable & Deadpool #13

To answer one of Mike's question's from last week, I read it for both of them. When done right, they are two of the best characters in mainstream comics, and they play very well off of eachother, almost like an Abbot and Costello routine at times. That said, this book mainly focus' on good ol' Deadpool as he begins to look into a murder that he may have comitted, but for some reason doesn't remember. Cable is saddled with background status, but the recent events of the Godawful X-Force mini are mentioned, and while it's probably best forgotten and/or burned, it's nice to see someone knows how to use continuity references. Fabes and Co. have done an overall excellent job with this book, and I'm glad it's still going strong.

Frankenstein Mobster #0

Another 50-cent-er, and a very enjopyable one at that. Mark Wheatley does a great job (I need another phrase it seems...) of creating his monster-filled world side-by-side with "reality" (think Toontown fron Roger Rabbit, only with Mummies and such). It looks like a very fun book and I'll definitely be buying a few more issues to see where it goes.

Palookaville #7

I have no idea where I got this (did you send it to me Alan? Was it some sort of gift from God? I dunno.), and I'm ashamed to say this was my first exposure to Palookaville, but damn is it ever good. Seth's work reminds me very much of Daniel Clowes, only more down-to-Earth (if that makes any sense to anyone but me). He has a way with the mundane that makes it interesting and heartbreaking. The story was very easy to pick up on, and something I'm looking forward to seeing more of, so, ebay, here I come.


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