Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A List is a List, of Course, of Course

21 Jump Street - The Complete Second Season

Starring the American version of Johnny Depp. That said, remember in high school when people would walk around speaking in faux British accents? Yeah, Depp and Madonna need to grow out of that, it doesn't make you any cooler or sexier, it just makes you look like a twit. Now, bring me some shrubbery bitch!.

The Best of Mister Ed - Volume Two

I read on someones blog about a theory regarding this show, that Wilbur really was crazy and that Ed couldn't talk. Interesting. That's far more thought than probably anyone has ever put into this show. Still, can't beat that episode with Clint Eastwood.

Columbo - The Complete First Season

Peter Falk rocks. "Serpentine Shel, serpentine!"


Starring Iceman...err..Bobby Drake...whatever the hell his name is.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - The Original Animated Series, Vol. 1

Hey hey hey, can you say too late to capitalize?

Felicity - Senior Year Collection (The Complete Fourth Season)

I { heart } Keri Russell.

Friends - The Complete Ninth Season

Yeah, I definitely wasn't watching it this season. Hey, only one more set to go!

Green Acres - The Complete Second Season

Now this was a stupid show. When a pig upstages your human cast, you have a problem, dahling.

Ladder 49 (Widescreen Edition)

Is this the one where the emperor of Rome sets fire to the coliseum and Danny Zucco has to put it out, and then the T-1000 comes back in time to kill them both? Where's Arnold when you need him?

Yeah, I know, it wasn't really that funny.

Xena Warrior Princess - Season Six

Yayayayayayayayayayayaya.....was that how that stupid thing went? Can't help but notice the lesbian innuendo in the preview for the box set on TV. Geez, people are shameless. That said, I really want this set. This wraps up the series I believe.

Yesterday I watched Akira Kurosawas Hidden Fortress. One word can just about sum it up, and as cliched as this is: WOW. Everyone probably knows it best as the film that inspired Lucas, but other than the C-3PO and R2-D2 comparison, there isn't much else there, and there's even an interview with Lucas on the disc about this. It's the story of a princess and her greatest general as they try to escape their homeland (now taken over by opposing forces) and rebuild their Clan. It's told from the perspective of two very low-class citizens, who believe these two are just hangars on who want to get while the gettin's good and get there share of the found gold. It's a "prince and the pauper" type of story in an action-adventure type of setting, from the perspective of two theieves. Kurosawa manages to tell this huge story without ever really telling the huge story. It's better than Seven Samurai by far, which stunned me because I didn't think he ever topped that. The Criterion DVD looks phenomenal and sounds excellent. I'll warn all you that haven't seen it, it is subtitled, but there is no need for them. The visuals are so strong that you know exactly whats going on, there's no need to understand the words. The soundtrack is beautiful, it reminded me very much of John Williams score to Star Wars, and Kurosawa's use of simple background sounds is also an element Lucas adopted. In the end as the two thieves walk away with their small prize you can hear crickets chirping, it's subtle, but it's there. It adds so much to the depth of the world he was trying to create, and it's hardly noticible until it's gone. If you haven't seen this, I strongly recommend it, but renting may be the best option, as buying will be uber-expensove ($30-$50 I believe.).

Oh, and I joined Netflix too. I really have to stop buying movies, I'm running out of room, my collection is well over 700 now, and those TV boxsets take up lots of space!

A bit of sad news. I read that Debra Hill has passed away recently. I'll always remember her name from the Halloween films (interesting trivia, she was born in Haddenfield), but she had a pretty long career filled with some great producing credits, many Carpenter films among them. Most notably was probably The Fisher King, a true masterpiece, and a film that made me realize Robin Williams can act, though he hasn't done much of it since then. She'll be missed, and my prayers and condolences to her friends and family. It's no conselation, but Halloween falls as one of my all-time favorite films.

EDIT: I can't get Blogger to bring up the new posts menu, or when I can it won't publish my post, so there may not be a post today, and hopefully it'll fix itself by tomorrow.


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