Sunday, March 20, 2005

What I got

Here's a rundown of what I got for my birthday, divided up into obscure categories.

Most Expensive- Dell Jukebox, a gift to myself (I have no shame), gotten through eBay, and not recieved yet, only because I haven't paid for it yet, because the guy hasn't contacted me yet...blah blah

Most Expensive Gift From Someone Else- An electric toothbrush, the Braun Oxyjet, it's nice and practical.

Dorkiest Gift- The Star Wars Trilogy, which I refused to buy for myself, therefor I requested someone buy it for me. It's this weird thing. you don't want to know, I'm sure.

Gift Most Likely to Transform- Generation One Rodimus Prime re-issue, recieved from my bro, Ryan, very cool, and very dorky, only slightly less dorky than Star Wars.

Gift Most Likely to Get All Stealthy- G.I. Joe Ninja Battles set, also from my bro, it has a DVD with it as well, and ranks right there with Rodimus, slightly under SW.

Most Incredible Gift- Well, that's easy, it's the Incredibles DVD! From my sister, Kelly, soon to be loaned out repeatedly.

Most Musical Gift- The Futurist, Robert Downey Jr's new CD. Good stuff if you like piano players who take themselves waaaay too seriously, and I do, thank you very much.

Best Gift that wasn't a Gift- Bluesman!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be reading that tonight.

Gift from Another Decade- A 70's music compilation CD from my Aunt, very cool.

Most Marvel-ous Gift- Marvel Legends Dr. Strange figure, from co-worker Chris Surles, featuring Galactus' right arm!

Greenest Gift- The Shrek 2 soundtrack, featuring Accidentally In Love, also from my Aunt.

The Gift of Comics- Three books via Alan David Doane (Thanks Alan!) Strange Days, Lunch Hour Comix, and Stalagmite 2 (featuring his interview with Seth, which I've listened too, but it's definitely nice to have it in print!)

That about covers it.


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