Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Gettin' the Links Out

It's Wednesday, which means there's a new Permanent Damage up. It includes part 3 of Steven Grant's Creating comics essay. He's also got some thoughts on the Schiavo dispute. I'm still relatively undecided about that.

Dorian has an interesting panel from what I assume is an old X-Men comic.

Speaking of interesting panels...via Mike.

Via Gordon- Ten Reasons to Watch Boston Legal.

I don't agree with all of them, but I do agree with the last one, The Shat is the best. (And he's right, Shat does sound like some sort of bathroom term, which makes it even more fun to say!)

Werewolf Fireman. Best. Picture Ever. Via Capt. Cory.

Chris Allen watches Desperate Housewives. See, it's a good show. Now, if only I could afford that damn Scorsese set we'd have something else in common...

Derek Martinez looks at a few movies he got from Netflix. Among them, Killer Klowns, a favorite of anyone who likes "bad" movies, including me.

Neilalien hits the nail on the head:

From the Cup O' Joe panel at Wizard World LA [Pulse]:

Q: How about a SHIELD series?

A by Q: SHIELD and Dr. Strange are very, very tough to do over an ongoing series. Certain characters seem better suited as guest-stars.

It's official: The people running the House of Ideas are fucking out of ideas.

Trash Heap has the Batman Begins poster up. Looks nice.

Finally, a new Comicscape is up, and everyone's baggin on the 90's books. Not that they don't deserve it, but I think it all amounts to nothing. Fanboys bitch about the state of comics and never do anything to actively change it. You want fewer X-Men book? quit fucking buying X-Men books. It really is that simple.


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