Monday, September 26, 2005

Delenda Est Wrong

Hahaha, forgive me Dave, I couldn't resist.

So, the Falcons won, and I couldn't be happier. I was extremely pleased with their performance, but there were a few things they could have done better. Vick looked better than he has, passing wise, and his running game is still there after that small injury last week. I know Dunn is a high-paid, big-name player, and I love him to death, but there needs to be more to the running game than that. Duckett is too good to be playing second fiddle, and that's what he's doing essentially, I can't even remember if he had a carry in the first half. Sending Dunn up the middle= idiotic. Sure, if the guy can find a hole, he's gone, but he doesn't have the strength to plow through when there isn't one, Duckett does. Dunn could be better used in a screen pass situation, or run him more on the outside. But that's my assessment, what the hell do I know? We can't seem to put anyone away either, we had too many chances to put the Bills down and out for good, byt we kept letting them get the ball back, definitely not good. That's something that goes back to a theory I've had for years; we can only play half of a ball game, usually the first, but last week it was the second half, and had Vick not hurt himself, I think they would have pulled off the comeback in Seattle. I don't mean we should always be decimating the competition, but that in the four or so times we got the ball in the fourth quarter yesterday, we should have been able to get another score, almost ensuring a win. Instead it was three downs, punt, three downs, punt, three downs, punt. You keep giving good teams opportunities, eventually they'll make a comeback. We just got lucky Buffalo couldn't put it together. do we have some. Rossum is severely missed, I hope he's healthy next week, because I can't take anymore crappy returns, never mind his other duties. Over/under throwing is still an issue with Vick, and right now, it shouldn't be (I think, anyway). He should be better than what he has been, but he still doesn't have the control, which kind of baffles me. But like I said, he looked better yesterday. He's taken some great strides in the realms of throwing the ball away/getting it off before a big loss, but eventually that will lead to interceptions. Speaking of...what the hell was that one he threw all about, talk about boneheaded, but it happens I guess. But, all in all, I'm happy with the team right now, even if we only win 9 games this year it'll be history making.


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