Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Links

Check out this interview with Tim Bradstreet, via Cinescape. Good stuff.

Also, Invincible statues and busts coming soon. By soon they mean next friggin year.

If you haven't been reading one of the new blogs posted to the sidebar, be sure and check this one out, with lines like "It has become apparent, over the time that my band has been in existence, that my band-mates are desperately trying to play Russian Roulette with my penis." he's definitely one of the funniest bloggers out there. And if Bush-bashing political stuff is your bag, well, he's got that too.

Poor JK. His brother is a political Australia. Geez, I always thought the gang down under was a tad bit more easy going. Well, actually, he's on his way home now, but, still...

Check out Tom's sidebar, where he'll be reviewing all the new sitcoms and dramas handed to us this TV season, he's already got a few of them up and ready to read. He's nuts.

New Permanent Damage!

Bye Franklin, it's been fun.

What have we learned, Greg? Well, we learned a Falcon beats an Eagle on Monday nights.

Dave's Long Box presents-The Best Post Ever.

ADD says goobye for now too, but he's still running Kolchalkaholic, today's update includes a cool interview. I've said it a few times, but, here I go again; it's wonderful to see someone working on something so positive, both his Kolchalkaholic blog and the Bluesman site are works of love from a man many people point a finger at for just flat out hating comics. He does hate some comics, I'm sure, and in the past he'd be plastering his loathing for most of the stuff out there anywhere he could, but it shows a great maturity for him to focus more intently on the positive. It's something a lot of fanboys could learn from. Alan David Doane, he buys what he enjoys and enjoys what he buys.

The Galaxy is also updated with some new stuff this week, thanks to CH. Go read Joe Rice's Make-Believe War and Rob Vollmar's International Geographic. Great stuff.


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