Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Desperate Time (AKA Quickies-9/27/05 The TV Edition)

Sunday saw the anticipated season premiere of Desperate Housewives. What did I thnk? Eh, it was okay. I think there should have been a new narrator, Bree's (sp?) dead husband. I was disappointed by the lack of follow up on her semi-affair. The "new mystery" was a bit too bizaare to get me really interested. It's still a decent show, but the excitement of last season isn't there. It could get better as the season progresses though, at least, I hope it does.

Sunday also had new episodes of Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. Oh, and The War at Home, which is pretty much crap.

Simpsons was okay, both episodes. It's gotten to be pretty standard and formulaic and is now just riffing on itself, but occasionally still funny. Family Guy is good, not as good as the original episodes, but still good, but American Dad is only a half-funny show, good for one or two jokes at most, but there's a DVD on the way regardless.

I miss Malcolm being on Sunday, moving it to Friday is surely a death knell.

Monday had Arrested Development, which was fan friggin tastic as always. Can't wait to see what Chalize Theron is up to. Like so many others, I think the show may be to rewarding to longtime viewers and punishing to new viewers. It's not easy to catch on to, but it is excellent. While you're at it check out the website, I'm Oscar (dot com).

I didn't get to see Kitchen Confidential, because the person I was with wanted to see How I Met Your Mother, which, again, wasn't that funny. Better than the premiere, but not by much. Doogie is great though. After that was Two and a Half Men, which was hilarious. Again, I'm amazed that this show is even on CBS. I couldn't stop laughing, in fact Bumper to Humper is one of the funniest one-note lines ever. After that was more crap, the Henry Winkler comedy Out of Practice. Tom says it better than I do. In fact, Tom has a great rundown of tons of new shows, so spend some time over there.

Tonight was My Name is Earl, whose premiere I saw just yesterday. Definitely my favorite new show of the season, it reminds me of all the people I know, and I used to live in a trailer too. This week's episode was as good if not better than the premiere, with Earl tracking down a guy who took the fall for a crime Earl commited, being forgiven, the getting his ass kicked by the guys mom. Funny stuff. After that was The Office. Not my thing I guess, I didn't laugh at all. I also watched the According to Jim premiere, which was okay, I haven't watched the show in a while, and while there were some funny jokes and set ups, it seems to be repeating some of its older gags. After all that was the premiere of Boston Legal. Yeah, the Shat is Back Baby! Excellent, excellent stuff. But, I don't really like some of the new faces, they're kind of annoying, but Candice, Shat, Spader, that's all I really need. Yeah, it kicks ass.

I bought the Family Guy movie today and watched it as well. Ummm....not funny, not really. And it's not at all what you think it is. It has its moments though, and it's probably worth it for die hard fans.

I got a bonus DVD with that, it has three Fox shows on it, a season 2 episode of Arrested, and episode of Stacked and a episode of American Dad. The only one I haven't seen is Stacked. It's okay at times, but not great. The other shows are much better, especially AD, but it was free, so that rocks period.


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