Thursday, September 29, 2005

Major Suckage

Well, damn if the last two days haven't been terrible. After my DVD player broke I went about the task of hooking up one of the others directly to the TV (it's this whole complicated mess see, I had 2 DVD players, a VCR, an X-Box, a PS2, a GameCube, an N64, an Atari and a Dreamcast...all hooked into one TV), which involve unhooking all of that junk. When I went to hook the X-Box back up, somehow I blew the fucking power supply. Now, my Box is modded, and if you know what that means, then you know how much of a bitch that whole thing is. So, in the last two days I've essentially lost a DVD player, an X-Box and EVERY FUCKING GAME I EVER BOUGHT FOR IT!

But, maybe, just maybe, the Box can be fixed, if not, well, I'm just waiting for the 360, screw buying another one dammit.

Maybe I'll actually get around to that whole link thing tomorrow, for now I have a column to finish and a piece of crap X-Box to try and fix, AND the season premiere of Smallville to watch!


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