Monday, September 19, 2005

Funny as hell, Not so Funny, Funny, and Pretty Dull

That describes my TV viewing for the evening.

Arrested Development premiered, and it was friggin' excellent, unfortunately CBS decided to move another ratings whore program to air next to it, King of Queens. I don't watch it, but it has an audience, and that may not bode well for AD. After that I tuned in to CBS to check out their new line-up. First, How I Met Your Mother. It's too bad this pretty much stunk, the cast is capable and the premise is decent enough, but the writing was just horrid. Neil Patrick Harris is just playing himself via Harold and Kumar, and the others are just dull delivering their lines. It just doesnt work. After that was Two and a Half Men, which was great as usual.. Then it was the new Henry Winkler/Stockard Channing show. It sucked so bad I don't remember the name. Well, at least I have two shows to look forward on Monday nights, as well as the occasional football game.

I watched the first disc of Nip/Tuck Season 1 today too. I'm hooked for sure. I'm adding Season 2 to the Netflix Queue and I'll make it to it eventually. I have to finish off a few series first, including the recently rented The L Word. I'm on disc 2 now and loving it. Like it's male counterpart, Queer as Folk, it has its problems, mostly just being a sex show (which Nip/Tuck seems to be as well), but this one is more...hetero friendly I guess would be the best word, exploring more than just lesbian relationships. There's also the "stereotyped" casting, just like in QAF, but, just like it, the writing is good enough that it's forgivable. Sadly no comic book geeks in this show though.

Come on Julius Jones, I'm losing my fantasy game!!!!!!!


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